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Compagnie des torréfacteurs - Atelier de torréfaction participatif et collaboratif


Total freedom

The uniqueness of Compagnie des Torréfacteurs also comes from sourcing the best coffee, the rarest varieties and its own blends.

Because the sensory qualities of the coffee depends on the characteristics of the land, on the altitude, the harvesting method and the washing, Compagnie des Torréfacteurs meticulously selects each batch of green coffee taking into account all its elements. An eventual partnership with our two Businesses will allow you to access true origin hunters who will use all the means necessary to supply you with coffee of great quality, exceptional coffee.

In a spirit of freedom and sharing, we do not impose our coffees on you and if you wish to roast your own blends, we allow you to handle your own supplies.

« Compagnie des Torréfacteurs selects a country, land, a plantation and, above all, planters for you, or allows you total freedom in your supplies. »

Upon receipt of the batches of green coffee that you have selected, our teams will visually check the consistency of the beans, then we analyse them in our laboratory to assess the humidity and density of each coffee with the precision of the Sinarpro®.

These preliminary steps are essential to establish an ideal roasting plan according to our CDH® procedure and in order to define and respect your roasting curves.
After all these steps, we proceed to archive the green coffee samples.

The temperature and hygrometry of the storerooms is checked every day by our production team. This is the guarantee of perfect reproducibility of the roasting curves throughout the year.

Each batch is identified under an ICO (International Coffee Organisation) number, allowing complete traceability of your batches and the implementation of an efficient recall procedure in case of a potential problem.